So Divine and its by Cover Girl

I have never been a fan of lipstick before due to the fact I thought lipstick made my lips look even bigger and made me look like a clown. I would prefer just to wear clear or tinted lipgloss or just chap-stick. But after watching a lot of YouTube videos of lipstick swatches and how to match your lipstick the right way depending on the way you did your makeup. I have now feel in love with lipstick. When I started wearing lipstick at first I would stick to red, brown, and nude color lipstick. I would never dare to buy pink color lipstick at all. Especially after seeing Nicki Minaj Pink Friday lipstick by MAC. So one week I was watching a YouTube video of a YouTuber talking about Cover Girl Queen Collection, she was ranting and raving how she loved the Queen Collection and all of Cover Girls lipstick. The two lipstick she recommended was Berry Bling from Cover Girl Queen Collection and Cover Girl Divine #330. So I purchased both which each cost $7.98 I think. So I went home and tried on Divine since I have been hearing a lot of positive reviews about Divine #330. Let me tell you I love Divine so much that I had to go back and buy 2 more, luckily for me Walgreens was having a buy 1 and get one half off so I defiantly took advantage of that offer and plus I remembered I had a $1.00 off coupon from Walgreens on all Cover Girl products.

So Cover Girl Divine goes well on any skin tone which thats a plus for me when buying lipstick, because not everyone can wear every shade of lipstick. Cover Girl Divine moisturizes your lips very well and gives you nice shine which thats another plus for me, because I don’t really like putting lip gloss over my lipstick. Divine goes on thick on your lips so you don’t have to put on many layers for the color to show up on your lips. When removing Divine it left a stain on my lips, but it does come off with a makeup whips remover and eventually faded away. But the stain from the lipstick does give your lips a really nice tent, especially if you put a clear coat of lips gloss on your lips. Since Divine is some what of a bright lipstick, I just wore Studio Fix Concealer in NW45 to cover up blemishes and Studio Fix powder in NW45 to set the concealer, slightly highlighted my face, lightly put blush on my cheeks which I used Sweet Coco by MAC, and winged eyeliner and no eyeshadow. What I live about Divine it really brightens up your face and its affordable. I recommend everyone to buy a tube of Cover Girl Divine #330 its a must have. Like always thank you for checking out my blog and see you at the next blog.

*All opinions about the product is of my own and products were paid for and purchased by me. I don’t work for Cover Girl nor am I affiliated with Cover Girl.

Everyday Eye

Hello fellow blog readers and followers, I hope your having a good Tuesday!!! I just wanted to post a look that I wear everyday to work, going to school or just going out. This look was done when I was volunteering at the Chevron Houston Marathon couple months ago, so I took some quick pictures and I finally have been able to post it on my blog. This look was created using Bhcosmetics 120 palette 1st edition and other drug store products. I wanted to create an look that wouldn’t take a lot of my time, some what neutral and not attention getting. All products used for this look were very affordable, the Bhcosmetics palette is a must have I am trying to use up my 1st edittion palette so I can buy another one. What I like about the bhcosmetics eyeshadow palette is the colors are very pigmented and you get a lot of colors to use!!!! With that said I hope you like my post thank you for checking out my blog and see you at the next post.

Products Used:
Bhcosmetics Palette 1st edition
Wet N Wild Mega Cream eyeliner in black
Maybellien Mascara One by One Volume Express
Jordana color pencil in brown for eyebrows 
Tools Used:
No name brand of eyeshadow brushes from Dollar General.
*All products used for this look were purchased and paid for by me.

March Madness of Earrings

If feels so good to be back blogging again!!! School is driving me crazy but I am almost at the finish line with my graduate program, I am praying to GOD that I can make it!!! I hope your having a good day and all is well in your life, with everything going on in this world a good prayer never hurts. For me praying is the only thing that keeps me calm these days and also helps keep me focus.

I want to share some earrings that I have purchased from Melody Ehsani who I think makes the best earrings I have seen so far. These earrings are big look at me statement earrings that can be worn dressed up or dressed down, when going out with your friends around town. These earrings are made out of acrylic base, so these are some pretty strong and lasting earrings. These earrings are light on the ear but, I do recommend if your going to be going out some where that your going to be doing a lot of movement (like head turning and some serious dancing) you shouldn’t wear these earrings. 
What you see in the pictures when you purchase these earrings on Melody Ehsani website, is what you get the quality of these earrings are really good. Every where I go I get compliments on my earrings!!! These earrings are unique and different and made out of love!!! If you want to purchase these earrings you can go to Melody Ehsani website by clicking on her name that is highlighted above. 
You must have a PayPal account in order to purchase these earrings. Paypal transactions takes about 3-4 business days to process, and 3-4 business days for shipment to arrive. Earrings come in a pink box and each earrings are in a individual pink or green box. To see what the box looks like click on the Melody Ehsani label on this blog to take you to another blog where I have a picture of the box the earrings comes in. Melody Ehsani just doesn’t make earrings she also has awesome necklaces, shoes, custom design earrings (which will be shown in my next blog), rings, nail art, collaborations with other designers and many more accessories. Check out Melody Ehsani website for new and upcoming collections!!! Like always thank you for visiting my blog and see you at the next blog.
Pineapples! Earrings. 

That girl is….Hoop Earrings. 

Pow Bamboo Earrings.
If you will like to follow Melody Ehsani you can follow her on Twitter @MelodyEhsaniFacebook,  Instagram @MelodyEhsani, and you can pin her items on Pinterest as well.
*I am not affiliated with nor work for Melody Ehsani at all. All comments and statement are of my own and I purchased and paid for items, items were not given to me for free at all.