You don’t care for me? Why you quite? You seem distant. 

Trying to make someone like you or reciprocate your feelings. Is very tiring and draining when that person doesn’t feel the same way. What makes matters worse is, when the individual knows you have feelings for them. So they start to play with your heart strings, saying little comments that gets your heart racing and stomach in knots. After when the smokes clears, the dust has settled. You then have time to decode the cute comments, study the body language, and really take a good look at this particular individual. You then realize that person is just using you, to elevate his ego. BLOOOOOP you just been taken for a fool. Let’s be real for a moment, deep down inside your still holding out hope, that this person will come around and share those same feelings. But in reality you know IT IS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. Once you have finally come to realization, that this particular individual was basically entertaining himself with your feelings. While also rejecting your feelings at the same time. Letting go of those feelings doesn’t seem so hard to do. Once those feelings are gone, a funny thing happens. The attention and conversation you so desperately wanted from this person starts to happen. But now your behavior and thinking has switched over to, oh that’s great, short answer responses like yup, nope, I don’t know. Or you even give him a response, “Well did you talk to so and so today? You and her always talk about stuff, you should go see her and ask her.” Then this dumb founded facial expression, will then come across his face. Then your left asking did I say something wrong? Once you realize that the nice humble prick,  was not worth your time you then start being a ghost towards him. Like a in person live snapchat only see you for 30 seconds then your gone. 

So when you asked why am I acting different, or you don’t care for me anymore, why are you quite?

My answer to your question is…. I am to tired to give out my feelings to someone, who only sees me as a ego booster. I remain quite because there is nothing to talk about, just thinking about it. Our conversations was always one sided, just about you. As for if I care for you? I care………. I just don’t care to waste my time, or share myself with someone on a intellectual and emotional level. With someone who is secretly making fun of me in my face. I just rather be a stranger or just another person passing by. Oh one more thing you asked why am I always so guarded? It’s is because situations like this, is why I am guarded.  


Would you do this for laid edges? 

😳😳 Soooooo I just seen a YouTube video of a young lady, relaxing the perimeter of her head to have laid edges. Just her edges are relaxed but the rest of her hair is still natural. I understand that edge control doesn’t work for everyone, but is it really that serious? Watch the video below and let me know your thoughts below by leaving a comment below.

Is it all in the head?

I have been getting a lot of follow invites both on Twitter and Instagram about hair supplements. Even some of my good friends have tried to get me to join their Hairfinity 30 day, challenges which I am always declining. My question do these hair growth supplements like Hairfinity really work, or is this a placebo effect? Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below. 



Natural Hair Bloggers and Vloggers.

I Love supporting natural hair vloggers and bloggers. But when they start pushing a lot of products, or when I see a parade of products as their background when watching a YouTube video. It just makes me want to unsubscribe. I rather subscribe and support a bloggers or vloggers who has a main product that he or she uses as a main staple product. Me personally I can’t believe what your saying or trying to push because a company is paying you to use their product, to me your words are being purchased and bought. That’s just my opinion, let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.


Curl Power

So the Today Show has this new segment they have been doing all week long titled “Curl Power” by Dove. When I saw this segment I became excited, that the Today Show will be talking about curly hair which means they will talk about natural hair. Well peeps so far I have been disappointed once again. So far in each segment I have only seen women with looser curly hair on each segment mostly Caucasian women, Hispanic women, and Biracial women. Which is nothing wrong with that, I love seeing women of all races embrace their natural hair. I just wish and was hoping to see an African-American woman who have kinky coily hair, be feature on the segment as well. Having and African-American woman with tighter curl or coils embracing her natural hair. Would have spoken loudly for the African-American community, because of the serious issue of hair among our community. Recently I twitted out my concern about the Today Show segment, using the hash tag #CurlPower. Below is the response I received from Dove.


I didn’t respond back to Dove because in my mind I was like okay cool Dove saw my response, and probably would make a point to feature women with different type of curly hair. But I was wrong again, today’s segment was more of the same. My question is what is it about coily kinky hair, that us kinky hair chicks can’t get equal representation on TV, or even in the stores when it comes to hair products? Yes I know we have natural hair bloggers and vloggers, but I will like and hope to see more people who have hair like me in mainstream media rocking their natural kinky hair. Please leave comment below, I really want to hear your thoughts on this.

What’s Your Protective Routine?


This is my protective style when I am in the house, noooo I don’t go out like this lol!!!

While I was transitioning I was never one who cared about this whole protective style hoopla. I will just washing my hair, put in leave-in conditioner, put on my silk bonnet on and call it a day. As I was repeatedly doing this horrible routine I notice minor breakage, and I was waisting my time doing my hair causing me to be late for work. So I decided okay I’m going to take this protective style serious, if I want my long hair back. I started to properly wash my hair and seal the moisture in and twisting my hair at night. As I woke up in the morning to get ready for work, styling my hair was not a hassle. But I notice twist outs were not working for me, my twist outs never came out right. I remember reading a blog that someone said depending your curl pattern of your hair, twist outs may not be a good option for you so try braid outs. So I decided to braid my hair as my protective style, once I did my braid out. Let my tell you I was soooooo freaking happy with the results. I just stared in the mirror for 10 minutes and was like ooh I can style my hair like this, I can do a half up half down look, so many quick pinup options. I was so happy with my braid out results, but most importantly my curl pattern was so defined, my curls were poppin. I also notice ever since I incorporated a protective style routine, I keep my hands out my hair a lot now, which for me is leading to less breakage. I also notice hair growth, I don’t know if that due to keeping my hair braided up or what. But length retention is my goal if I want tailbone length hair, protective style is the way for me!!! So at the end of the day protective styling is now a staple for me at all times. What is your protective style routine? Leave a comment below letting me know, I want to read your routines!!