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Was it really Lionel Richie she was looking for?

Keep It Going!!!



Natural Hair Community!!!

So in 6 days I would have been fully natural for 4 months. So far my experience has been positive, I do get the occasional eye rolls and what the heck is going on with her hair? I have comeย across what I like to call the delusional black females who thinks the European standard of beauty is the right way, asking me why don’t you perm your hair? You will get more attention from guys and you will look better. Even with the negative opinions about my hair, I have gain so much inner humbling confidence in myself that it makes me sick lol. Also going natural has made me to learn how to do my own hair and learn different natural hairstyles, because I have no money to be paying someone to do my hair lol. With that said I have notice cracks in the natural hair community.

Me after two years of transitioning I did my own “big chop”.

Which has made me ask myself what is going on with the natural hair community these days? Why are we discriminating hair types? Is the hair typing system that crucial? Why do we have separation in the natural hair community? Why do some naturals feel the need to down people who choose to perm their hair? Why are naturals competing with each other on who has the best natural hair? These are some of the issues that I have notice since going natural, and I feel these issues will bring down the natural hair community. Please leave a comment below about what you think about the state of the natural hair community?

Checkout this video let me know what you think.


Sia Chandelier

I just love this video and song by Sia Chandelier!!! I love the fact that Sia is not in her own video and has this little girl dancing, just makes me understand the video and lyrics even more and its different. It’s so affective and so artistic I just love it!!! I wish I was a dancer, I love watching this type of dance style.

Denzel Washington

Only few people can speak words that will stop you in your tracks, and speak to your heart. When that time comes all you can do is just stop, listen and let those words move you and settle in your heart. For me that time came when I came across a YouTube video of, Denzel Washington giving a group of students a very motivating and spiritual speech. Just stop and listen!!!!

What is your goal length๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’†๐Ÿ’‡?

So there this natural hair social site I just love a lot!! It’s called Kinky Chicks!!! I know they don’t need my help advertising at all. Kinky Chicks is a popular educational site for natural hair divas like me!!! But I just wanted to share this picture that I got from their Facebook page and wanted to share. Click on picture to take you to Kinky Chicks Facebook page!!! Please comment below letting me know your natural hair or permed hair goal length. Thank you for visiting my blog!!! ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

Picture courtesy of Kinky Chicks