Apple Cider

So I decided I wanted to start a series of looks for Fall 2012 just to see if I can come up with that you might like to rock if you wanted to. When I completed this look all I could think of was wanting a cup of Apple Cider which by the way Wal-Mart has Apple Cider on sale!!! lol. This look has a warming effect due to the light brownish color in the crease, and the purplish/bluish color in the outer corner of my eye which I think enhances the warmth effect. To cap the look off I applied a thick eyeliner by mistake I wanted the eyeliner to be thiner to give it a more classier glam look, but hey I think the final look came out okay. With that said I hope you like the look, and thank you for checking out my blog. See you at my next blog!!!

Products Used:
MAC: Satin Taupe e/s (bottom lid)
MAC: Brown Script e/s (crease)
MAC Duo: *Sea/Sky e/s (corner & crease)
MAC: Arena e/s (highlight)
MAC: Carborn e/s (bottom lid)
Wet N Wild Mega Eyes Creme Eyeliner
Maybelline Mascara 
MAC Chromographic Pencil NC15/ NW20 then I used a light brown shadow to set my waterline on my bottom lid
Tools Used:
*All products and tools used for this look were purchased and paid for by me!!!

War of Colors

I wanted to do another colorful look using more of my pigment loose eyeshadow colors. These are colors I tend not to wear or put together, if your celebrating Halloween this year and you need a look that will bring attention to your eyes well here you go. Well I am off working on another gear more towards fall that is wearable lol!!! Like always thank you for checking out my blog and see you at my next blog.

Products Used:
MAC Pigment: Dark Purple e/s (crease)
MAC Pigment: Golden Lemon e/s (outer lid)
MAC Pigment: Golden Olive e/s (inner lid)
MAC: Cranberry e/s (bottom lid)
MAC: Brown Script e/s (crease)
MAC Select Cover up NW35 (highlight)
Ardell false lashes #120 Demi Black
Wet N Wild Creme Liner
Tools Used:
MAC #217
MAC #219
MAC #224
Elf “C” Brush
*All products used were purchased and paid for by me.

I Dream of Greenie

My favorite look is the cat eye look it is simple to create and to me the cat eye look is very glamorous, timeless, and retro to me. I have done this look before using eyeshadow to create a cat eye look in pervious blogs. So I wanted to create this look again using Wet N’ Wild eyeshadow trio palette in I Dream of Greenie which I purchased at Walgreens for $2.99. I really like the Wet N’ Wild eyeshadow trio palettes because its cheap but they have a lot of bright colors to pick from. But I have to say you will need to find a really good eyeshadow base to help the eye shadow to stick and to make the eyeshadow pop, the base that I used for this particular look was Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer (original) Potion which helped for the eyeshadow to stick more to my lid. The only negative I have about Wet N Wild eyeshadow colors is that you constantly have to pack down the color in order for the color to actually show on your lid, compared to using MAC eyeshadow were I have to just do 1 to 2 swipes on my lid. Besides that Wet N Wild makes really good eyeshadows, and in my opinion Wet N Wild has the best creme eyeliner hands down.  With that said thank you for checking out my blog. Please rate, comment, or just look lol!!!!


Products Used:
MAC: Vanilla e/s (lid and highlight)
Brown Script  e/s (crease)
MAC: Expresso e/s (crease)
Wet N Wild Creame eyeliner
Maybelline  One by One Volume Express in Very Black 
MAC: Chromographic Pencil NC15/NW20 e/l
Wet N Wild: I Dream of Greenie e/s
Tools Used:
Sonia Kashuk bent eyeliner brush
Sonia Kashuk flat shader brush
MAC #217

High Voltage Pigmentation

I rarely use any of my pigment eyeshadow due to the fact it is so messy when trying to use loose eyeshadow powder. But I decided to use some pigment eyeshadow colors to create a very high pigmentation look. This look is probably one of my favorite looks because it is very colorful, but not to colorful that you will look like a clown. I colored in my eyebrows in black to make my eyeshadow pop out even more. Here is the picture below of my creation, tell me what you think. Like always thank you for checking out my blog!!!

Products Used:
MAC Pigment: Grape e/s (top and bottom lid)
MAC Pigment: Golden Olive e/s (bottom lid) and Teal e/s in the crease 
MAC: Carbon (bottom lid) e/s and Sketch e/s (outer corner and crease)
MAC: Patina e/s (highlight)
MAC: Chromagraphic Pencil NC15/NW20 e/l (bottom lid)
Wet N Wild Creme Eyeliner 
Tools Used:
MAC #217
MAC #219
MAC #224
Elf “C” Brush
*All products used were paid for and purchased by me.

Fall Back

This look is my representation of Fall mixed with some loud colors on my bottom lid. This look is easy to do nothing to difficult. I don’t know if I would wear this look if I was to go out, but I know someone out there could rock this look and change it up to their liking. I paired this look with a pink lip by mixing Pink Friday, Style Curve, and Smoke Purple and glazed my lips with a Cremesheen Glass in Just Superb by MAC. To get the perfect shade of pink I mixed these colors together so I can get a shade of pink, that goes well with my skin tone. I am not good at picking the best lip color to go with my looks, so any suggestions for this particular look is wanted. Like always thank you for checking out by blog and I hope you like this look.

Products Used:
MAC: Select Cover UP NW35 (highlight)
MAC: Sketch e/s
MAC: Brown Script e/s
Loreal Hip Duo #224 Showy e/s
Wet N Wild Mega Eyes Creme Liner
MAC Eye Khol in Smolder e/l (bottom lid)

MAC: Style Curve
MAC: Pink Friday
MAC: Smoked Purple

Tools Used:
Sonia Kashuk small shader brush
Sonia Kashuk blending brush
MAC #214 

All products used for this look were purchased and paid for by me.