My Favorite Things Both New And Old!!!

Weeeeelllll it has been a while since I have blogged, I have been killing myself looking for internships for the upcoming spring semester. I just pray to GOD that I can get a internship so I can graduate in the spring. Looking for internships is my main priority right now, so blogging has been put on the back burner for now. But since I have some free time now I wanted to share some of my favorite things that I like both new and old. I don’t feel my favorite things are to expensive majority of my favorite things can be purchased at you local mall and drug stores. I have a lot of favorite things I want to share but I will make multiple blogs for them, this is just a snippet of my favorite things that I own. Some of these items have been purchased a long time ago, I am just now blogging about them. I know LAAAAATEEEE!!! But I hope you enjoy my blog.


Fergie by Wet n Wild is a cream sheen lipstick that moisturizes your lips and leaves your lips looking very luscious. For $3.49 at Walgreens you can’t go wrong with this lipstick, this is my second favorite red¬†lipstick.

Kate Moss Lasting Finish by Rimmel #107 is a really good lipstick. It is a matte finish dark red lipstick which is perfect for the winter season. What I like about this lipstick it has this smell to it that smells really good, I can describe the smell but it just smells so good to me. It is just a really bold beautiful lipstick that is long lasting color. They sale this lipstick in every drug store, but the only store so far that I have found this shade is Walgreens for $3.50 or $4.79.

MAC Ruby Woo hands down is the best red matte lipstick to me in my opinion. This is probably the only $15 lipstick that I won’t mind buying multiple times. I don’t need to go into details how awesome this lipstick is, this is my number 1 lipstick. Line this bad boy up with MAC Brick lip pencil you are going to WERK HUNTY!!!

MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NW45 $27.00 both at Macys and Dillards. I don’t use this foundation a lot, only use this foundation on special occasions. For $27.00 I am going to make this foundation last for a long time. This foundation has a Matte finish which I like a lot.

I love Black Opal a lot, I am starting to love Black Opal more than MAC foundations main reason because Black Opal is a foundation stick which means less of a mess for me, and is more budget friendly for my wallet. Black Opal foundation sticks is SPF 15,  and has a matte finish. Black Opal can be purchase at Wal-Mart for I believe $7-9 dollars. Which beats buying foundation at MAC for $27.00!!!

My favorite falsies and glue for my falsies. I love Ardell lashes because there so cheap and easy to put on, and the Duo glue so easy to use I just love the fact that it dries quick and clear. I got the Ardell lashes for $2.50 at my local Walgreens store (clearance) and the Duo Glue I think for $6.29.

Maybelline Mascara One by One Volume Express is the best, all of Maybelline Mascaras are simply the best.

I first heard about Phillips Milk of Magnesia by watching a really beautiful and talented lady on YouTube, her name is MsCreativeDiva. Her Makeup to me is always on point and flawless and has a matte finish which I love. Her secret was Phillips Milk of Magnesia, at first I was like why would you want to put laxative on your face? When MsCreativeDiva explained that it helps keep your face from getting oily, and reduces shine I was like I must get a bottle. Phillips is a staple for me now when doing my make up. You can purchase Phillips Milk of Magnesia at any drug store.

Now this is something old Juicy Couture Black Opal Cocktail Ring. I am not a big fan of rings at all, but when I first saw this ring was on my cousin blog and I had to have it right away. When I went to purchase the ring it was sold out online. Now fast forward 2 years later. I finally saw this ring on eBay for $35.00 cheaper and I immediately purchased this ring. When I received this ring I was worried it was a fake, so I went to my nearest Juicy Couture store and had them look at it for me. 5 minutes later an associate confirmed it was real. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS RING MY FAVORITE AND 1 OF 2 RINGS I OWN. #STATEMENTPIECE

So I have to be mindful about staying in my budget, lord knows I want a Michael Kors watch but at the same time it’s not worth going broke. So with the holidays coming up a lot of department stores are having good sales and trying to get rid of clearance items. I went to Macy’s and purchased 2 earrings by INC each cost $16.50, I also purchased a watch from Macy’s that is not shown in this picture by a company called Style&Co for $29.98 which I might return not sure yet. The gold button earrings I purchased at Target for $7.99 but an sales associate gave me 25% off so it went down to like $4.70 I think (don’t trust my math). The watch I purchased at Jcpenney which was on sale for $24.00 regular price $34.00. Now if you are a fellow Houstonian like me then you have heard of the Harwin shopping center or Harwin strip. There is a store called SWT in Houston, TX. When you step into the store it is wall to wall full of accessories that your eyes just go everywhere. Not the greatest quality but if you are like me and don’t want to spend money on accessories, than SWT is the place to go and shop. I do have to say SWT prices on their accessories at times kind of over priced on some of there bracelets and necklaces, but you will find some good and reasonable prices on majority of their accessories. The necklace with matching earrings $4.98, bracelets I believe $6.50 each.

So I have no arch, I am flat footed, can’t walk in heels to save my life. Finding heels is a very difficult process for me. So I decided that I was going to start learning how to walk in heels. I found these nude Nine West Sling Backs on, they’re mid heels which is a huge plus and there so comfortable. The best part it’s like I am wearing tennis shoes, and you cannot tell that I have never walked in heels before. I purchases these shoes last week for $49.95 and if you use the CODE SHIPR you get up to 50% off plus free shipping. Make sure you visit to check out for more additional codes for great savings.

So I am not big on name brand handbags if I do buy a name brand handbag I tend to resale them on eBay, and get more back than what I paid for. If you ever purchased a Coach handbag from a retail store or online. You eventually become registered to get coupons for discounts on Coach Handbags and also become a member to shop at the Coach Factory store online, were Coach handbags are discounted greatly but still pricey. This is probably my favorite Coach handbag ever this is the Ashley Leather Gathered that I purchase on the Coach Factory online store. Original price I believe was about $300, but I purchased this bag for $80.00. I had a coach certificate or gift card, I never heard of coach having gift cards. But I called Coach over the phone and explained my situation with the certificate or gift card, and the supervisor let me use the gift card my friend gave me. I went from paying $172 to $80.00 NOT BAD AT ALL. But trust and believe this is the last expensive handbag I will ever buy, I will be at my local ROSS store buying handbags.

If you have favorite items please leave a comment below sharing your favorite items, thank you for visiting my blog, have a great day.

*All items shown are paid and purchased by me, not affiliated with any company nor brand.