The Bigger The Better!!! (Hoop Earrings)

Good morning, Good afternoon, Good evening, Good night, depending on when you are reading my post lol. I have notice that the hoop earrings have made a comeback, I am not sure if the hoop earrings ever went away or not. But I have notice hoop earrings are every where, not just everywhere but also bigger and better. I was never a fan of hoop earrings, I just thought there were just a plain circle, no style, no personality (lol). But when I started to notice the different designs of hoop earring, I began to have a huge obsession with hoop earrings. In recent months I have started to collect many hoop earrings and now I have a lot!!! I wanted to share some of the earrings that I have purchase and mostly wear. Below are three different earrings which are my top 3 favorite to wear whenever I am out and about. I am not a big fan of gold earrings because I thought gold was always to loud for me, but as started to notice the many designs of hoop earrings I started to like the color gold more and more. I have provided description of the earrings and price, and you are able to click on the picture that will take you directly to the website were I purchase my earrings from. If you like the Guess Clutchless Textured Hoop Earrings, you will have to purchase in store at Macy’s. Last time I check Macy’s was having 25% off on jewerly. With school already around the corner and you are wanting to have new earrings on the first day of school, I recommend you to wait until it is time to go school shopping so you can get good deals and heavily discounted earrings. Buuuut you still will pay tax on jewelry. Let me know what your favorite pair of earrings are by leaving a comment below. I hope you enjoy my post, thank you for checking out my blog and see you at the next post!!! IMG_3322

GOGO Philip Gold Plated Hoop Canalina Earrings: $28.91
Guess Clutchless Textured Hoop Earrings from Macy’s.
Guess Clutchless Textured Hoop Earrings: $22.00. When I purchased these earrings at Macy’s, I received 25% off using my Macy’s card.
Melody Ehsani Around The Way Hoops Earrings: $35.00. Are pricey but worth it!!! The quality of Melody Ehsani earrings are awesome, and her earrings are big and make a statement.
Melody Ehsani Around The Way Hoops Earrings: $35.00.

MAC Lorde Pure Heroine Part 2

Hey everyone!!! So today I have received my brand new MAC Lorde Pure Heroine (Amplified) lipstick. I was pretty surprised that MAC didn’t specifically customize the lipstick like MAC did for Rhianna. As stated in my last post Pure Heroine is a deep rich shade of plum with a amplified finish. It has a creamy consistency to it with shine, it feels like you are putting on vaseline on your lips so you don’t have to worry about your lips drying out. What I like about Pure Heroine that it has shine to it which gives your lips a luscious juicy feel look, if that is the look you’re going for.  Also it’s a deep pretty color that will look good on anyone. What I don’t like about Pure Heroine is that not a matte finish, for me a lipstick that has a matte finish has lasting staying power. Lipstick that has a matte finish has a pretty vintage look and finish that complements and enhances anyone skin tone. But at the same time matte lipsticks are very drying!!! Like all my other amplified finish lipsticks from MAC I constantly have to reapply my lipstick meaning I will go through a tube of lipstick quickly. Pure Heroine is not as vibrant as Heroine if Pure Heroine was a matte finish I feel the color will be very vibrant and pop more.  I also used my Heroine lip pencil to fill in my lips before applying Pure Heroine, I didn’t like the way it look at all due to the fact Pure Heroine is a darker shade than Heroine. So I recommend finding a deep purple or deep plum lip pencil to fill your lips, with a matching lip pencil for Pure Heroine will probably help make Pure Heroine have more of a popping effect. MAC should have come out with a matching lip pencil for Pure Heroine, I am the type of person who likes to have a matching lipstick and matching lip pencil thats just me. I notice that when applying Pure Heroine on my lips I had blotch spots on my lips, I had to put on two to three layers on my lips to get full coverage due to Pure Heroine being a thinner consistency and a cream finish. Compared to Heroine you only need 1 layer due to the thick consistency of Heroine because it’s a matte finish. I personally don’t consider Pure Heroine as amplified I feel Pure Heroine is more of a creme sheen, I feel MAC labeled Pure Heroine as amplified because of the color of the lipstick. I recently checked MACs website and they have not sold out yet, I have a feeling that not a lot of people will purchase the limited-edition of Pure Heroine because it doesn’t have the same wow factor as its predecessor Heroine. I give Pure Heroine 2 1/2 stars. If you have Heroine you should stick to that since it’s a permeant color that MAC sales now. Don’t get me wrong Pure Heroine is still a pretty color if you want to purchase the limited-edition lipstick you should. Just remember the way a lipstick looks on me will probably look different on you, so don’t base your final decision on the way Pure Heroine looks on me. Tell me what you think by taking my poll and commenting below. See you at the next post!!

Heroine on the top and Pure Heroine on the bottom.
Heroine on the top and Pure Heroine on the bottom.
Pure Heroine and Heroine
Pure Heroine and Heroine
Pure Heroine. I used Heroine lip pencil to fill my lips before putting on Pure Heroine.


Pure Heroine without filling in my lips with a lip pencil.
Pure Heroine without filling in my lips with a lip pencil.



*I am not affiliated with MAC Cosmetics, all comments and opinions are of my own.

MAC LORDE Pure Heroine (Amplified)

Today MAC release it’s amplified version of their very popular lipstick Heroine. MAC collaborated with Lorde to create the limited-edition lipstick called Pure Heroine (Amplified). Pure Heroine is a deep rich shade of plum with and amplified finish. I think Pure Heroine is a very pretty shade that can be worn at night, and if you have Heroine you can wear it during the day or whatever makes you feel good. Based on other amplified lipsticks that I have from MAC Pure Heroine will have a creme finish and more shine to it. It would have been nice if MAC also made the matching Heroine lip pencil available to purchase as well. If you don’t have the MACs Heroine lip pencil, you can go to your local Walgreens and purchase the Jordana lip pencil in deep purple for either $1.49 or $1.99 which waaaaay cheaper. If you want to purchase the limited-edition Pure Heroine (Amplified) for $16.00, MAC is also offering free overnight shipping just type in the CODE: NEXT to get your free shipping. I have purchase 2 for myself since it’s a limited edition you might want to head over to MAC website now!!! Once my order comes in I will give a swatch update. Mean while tell me what you think of the limited-edition pure Heroine. Is it a Yay or Nay for you?





*I am not affiliated with MAC Cosmetics or Lorde, all opinions are of my own.