DR. Maya Angelou

Today we lost one of the most influential people in this world, a unique beautiful individual who used her words to fight against injustice and discrimination. When there was sadness and trouble in the world Maya Angelou was always there, to comfort us with her words and guide us with her wisdom to happiness. Her love of GOD is what I admired about her the most, now she is with him writing poems in heaven. I want to share one of my favorite poem, and a last tweet from Dr. Maya Angelou.





Graduated But I Want More!!!

It’s been long since my last blog!!! Completed a semester long internship with a professional sport team which was a huge learning experience, and took all my time which was worth it. On May 9th I received my Master’s of Science in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Athletic and Sports Business Administration!!! Now I want another Master’s degree I know I am crazy but don’t worry I will give myself a break. Right now that break is trying to find a full-time job, Jesus take the wheel for this search for a¬†full-time job because I am going to need your strength and patience to find a job in this tough economy!!! My graduation was awesome and exciting!!! To say I have my Master’s degree I thought I would never say that at all, but I have a Master’s degree. I GIVE ALL PRAISES, GLORY, WISDOM TO GOD AND JESUS CHRIST!!!!! Below is the dress that I wore for my graduation. Once again have a blessed and good day, see you at the next post





Dress: Jessica Simpson from Nordstrom

Shoes: Nine West DSW