I used to hate wigs now I love them!!

For the longest time, I used to hate wigs like absolutely hated wigs, like I will burn a wig on sight if I saw a wig in front of me. Then one day I was panicking how to style my hair for my brothers’ wedding, I wanted long hair for the wedding. Didn’t want to get a sew-in because I didn’t want to spend money on a sew-in, nor did I want to sit in someone’s chair for X amount of hours. That’s when I found a YouTube user who goes by TheHeartsandcake90, she is awesome a beautiful and humble girl. Her channel is all about wigs, makeup etc. You guys have to follow her she is awesome I love her channel. She doesn’t need any help from me promoting her she has a huge following already. But I love supporting people who are real. 

After spending hours on TheHeartsandcake90 YouTube channel. I went to the nearest beauty supply store and spent 4-8 hours just looking and trying on wigs. Once I found a wig I went back to TheHeartsandcake90 channel and learned how to put on a wig properly to make it look natural, learned about plucking the part, and the elastic band method. I basically eliminated all my ignorance about wigs and really educated myself. So it is safe to say I love wigs!

Recently I have invested in two full lace human hair wigs, which is pricey but for me worth the investment. I have been stalking this website called WowAfrican for years and watched reviews of their wigs on YouTube. Finally, after months of stalking. I finally purchased a wig from WowAfrican. One wig I bought myself and another wig as a gift. Once I received these wigs, I will make a post about my thoughts on both wigs and the website.

If you want to checkout WowAfrican website click on WowAfrican.

If you want to checkout TheHeartandcake90 YouTube channel just click on her name. You can also follow her on her IG @ifancycupcakes, and her Facebook page by clicking on her name TheHeartsandcake90.

P.S. I am not paid by WowAfrican to promote their website, the wig I purchased was with my own money, and given to me as a gift from a family member. Also, I am a regular YouTube user and I am not in any way in partnership with Heartandcake90. I am a fan of hers and love watching her reviews, and makeup tutorials that is all. Like I said before I support individuals, who I feel are real and who channels I frequently visit a lot.

If you know of other websites that have good synthetic wigs and full lace human hair wigs, please leave a comment below. Thank you for visiting my blog. ✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾



What’s Your Protective Routine?

This is my protective style when I am in the house, noooo I don’t go out like this lol!!!

While I was transitioning I was never one who cared about this whole protective style hoopla. I will just washing my hair, put in leave-in conditioner, put on my silk bonnet on and call it a day. As I was repeatedly doing this horrible routine I notice minor breakage, and I was waisting my time doing my hair causing me to be late for work. So I decided okay I’m going to take this protective style serious, if I want my long hair back. I started to properly wash my hair and seal the moisture in and twisting my hair at night. As I woke up in the morning to get ready for work, styling my hair was not a hassle. But I notice twist outs were not working for me, my twist outs never came out right. I remember reading a blog that someone said depending your curl pattern of your hair, twist outs may not be a good option for you so try braid outs. So I decided to braid my hair as my protective style, once I did my braid out. Let my tell you I was soooooo freaking happy with the results. I just stared in the mirror for 10 minutes and was like ooh I can style my hair like this, I can do a half up half down look, so many quick pinup options. I was so happy with my braid out results, but most importantly my curl pattern was so defined, my curls were poppin. I also notice ever since I incorporated a protective style routine, I keep my hands out my hair a lot now, which for me is leading to less breakage. I also notice hair growth, I don’t know if that due to keeping my hair braided up or what. But length retention is my goal if I want tailbone length hair, protective style is the way for me!!! So at the end of the day protective styling is now a staple for me at all times. What is your protective style routine? Leave a comment below letting me know, I want to read your routines!!