You don’t care for me? Why you quite? You seem distant. 

Trying to make someone like you or reciprocate your feelings. Is very tiring and draining when that person doesn’t feel the same way. What makes matters worse is, when the individual knows you have feelings for them. So they start to play with your heart strings, saying little comments that gets your heart racing and stomach in knots. After when the smokes clears, the dust has settled. You then have time to decode the cute comments, study the body language, and really take a good look at this particular individual. You then realize that person is just using you, to elevate his ego. BLOOOOOP you just been taken for a fool. Let’s be real for a moment, deep down inside your still holding out hope, that this person will come around and share those same feelings. But in reality you know IT IS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. Once you have finally come to realization, that this particular individual was basically entertaining himself with your feelings. While also rejecting your feelings at the same time. Letting go of those feelings doesn’t seem so hard to do. Once those feelings are gone, a funny thing happens. The attention and conversation you so desperately wanted from this person starts to happen. But now your behavior and thinking has switched over to, oh that’s great, short answer responses like yup, nope, I don’t know. Or you even give him a response, “Well did you talk to so and so today? You and her always talk about stuff, you should go see her and ask her.” Then this dumb founded facial expression, will then come across his face. Then your left asking did I say something wrong? Once you realize that the nice humble prick,  was not worth your time you then start being a ghost towards him. Like a in person live snapchat only see you for 30 seconds then your gone. 

So when you asked why am I acting different, or you don’t care for me anymore, why are you quite?

My answer to your question is…. I am to tired to give out my feelings to someone, who only sees me as a ego booster. I remain quite because there is nothing to talk about, just thinking about it. Our conversations was always one sided, just about you. As for if I care for you? I care………. I just don’t care to waste my time, or share myself with someone on a intellectual and emotional level. With someone who is secretly making fun of me in my face. I just rather be a stranger or just another person passing by. Oh one more thing you asked why am I always so guarded? It’s is because situations like this, is why I am guarded.