Is it all in the head?

I have been getting a lot of follow invites both on Twitter and Instagram about hair supplements. Even some of my good friends have tried to get me to join their Hairfinity 30 day, challenges which I am always declining. My question do these hair growth supplements like Hairfinity really work, or is this a placebo effect? Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below. 




2 thoughts on “Is it all in the head?

  1. Seems they work based on photos I’ve seen. However, I feel hair grows based on what you eat. A lot of those hair supplements just feed your body vitamins and minerals you should be feeding yourself regularly. I steer clear of vitamins that I can easy take in my diet. The less pharmaceutical products I intake, the better for me IMO.

    1. I agree with you I am all about getting the nutrients from the foods I eat. I also hear people saying that they have a condition that makes their hair fall out, since taking a particular hair supplement their hair has grown back fuller and longer. My question is the hair supplement treating or curing the condition that is making your hair fall out? I am not trying to hate on these companies at all if these hair growth supplement works awesome, but I just hate to see people get dupe out of their money.

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