Graduated But I Want More!!!

It’s been long since my last blog!!! Completed a semester long internship with a professional sport team which was a huge learning experience, and took all my time which was worth it. On May 9th I received my Master’s of Science in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Athletic and Sports Business Administration!!! Now I want another Master’s degree I know I am crazy but don’t worry I will give myself a break. Right now that break is trying to find a full-time job, Jesus take the wheel for this search for a full-time job because I am going to need your strength and patience to find a job in this tough economy!!! My graduation was awesome and exciting!!! To say I have my Master’s degree I thought I would never say that at all, but I have a Master’s degree. I GIVE ALL PRAISES, GLORY, WISDOM TO GOD AND JESUS CHRIST!!!!! Below is the dress that I wore for my graduation. Once again have a blessed and good day, see you at the next post





Dress: Jessica Simpson from Nordstrom

Shoes: Nine West DSW


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