So Disappointing!!!



So I have been asked to be apart of a wedding in November four days before Thanksgiving. I normally don’t like being apart of a weddings because there is too much planning, I just like attending weddings to see the celebration of a union of two individuals and their families. But this time around I decided to be apart of this individual wedding because this person I consider her as a sister. Now we all know that when you decide to be apart of a wedding you know it’s all about what the bride wants and decides what you will be wearing. Meaning you have to find accessories and shoes to match your outfit. The wedding that I am attending is a Nigerian wedding I am not a bridesmaid I am a step below of a bridesmaid, it’s a Nigerian word that I can’t spell at all. (I know sad right, being a fellow Nigerian I should know this right? So shoot me.) If you’re a Nigerian you know what I mean. Anyway I decided to start looking for my jewelry and all my other accessories, but the problem I am having is finding my shoes. I love heels but I don’t know how to walk in heels and I have horrible flat feet, so when trying to find any cute heels that I can practice in is very disappointing, discouraging and almost down right discriminating. I went to Macy’s, Dillard’s, and JCPenny to find reasonable price shoes that will be suitable for a wedding and cute enough that will not take the shine away from the bride. All three department stores I went to had nothing for people like me who have flat wide feet to purchase, every store had old orthopedic shoes or just casual walking shoes. If they had wedges or some type of heels or platform heels they were outdated, and not very stylish at all. I was told by a sales person from Dillard’s that I should call and complain, but I am like what is the point of that? I shouldn’t have to call an complain about shoe size an availability any designer or store should know tha everyone does not fit only one size of shoe and that not everyone feet are built the same. So what is a flat-footed girl to do? Heeeeeeelp!!! If anyone has a suggestions and or going through the same problem as me please let me know. If you know of any store that has a wide variety of cute shoes that I can purchase preferably in the color of gold leave a comment below with the information. Thank you for taking time to check out my blog, and have a great and awesome day!!!


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