Natural Hair Vs Weaves

Hello people how is everyone doing today? I hope everyone is having a great Sunday!!!

So I was watching a video on YouTube video called Weaves Vs Natural Hair is a five-part video created by Gerreka Gilliam. First let me state my opinions about weaves, I have no problem with weaves, I don’t care what people put in their hair or don’t put in their hair. Everyone has ways to take care of their hair that make them happy. I love weaves but I made a decision to stop wearing weaves, because I just didn’t feel like spending the money to get my hair done when I can watch YouTube video learning how to do my own hair, it was to time-consuming and I notice how the friction from the thread was breaking my hair.

Now with that said I was watch Ms. Gerreka Gilliam video about Weaves Vs Natural Hair, which was pretty cool I think Ms. Gerreka Gilliam created the topic for a project for school I am not sure. I love watching videos like this on YouTube because I like to listen to people’s thoughts on natural hair and just African-American hair in general. But the girl who was dressed in all black just rubbed me the wrong way about what she thought what “Real Natural” hair should really be like. Let me say this if your going to talk about hair or natural hair period you should try to educate yourself before you try to make a counter argument. I am not trying to be rude or disrespect this young lady I was just going to ignore the video but I had to share the video, but when this young lady said your hair is not really natural when you put shea butter or conditioner to make your hair soft I was like PAUSE, I was like no that didn’t come out her mouth. I really thought Gerreka Gilliam did a good job with her talk show school project or not, I just think we need more conversations like this in order to erase the negative views that blacks and other races have on hair both relaxed, weaved or permed. Like I said earlier do what makes you happy just educate yourself and see if it works for you. Check out the video below and leave a comment about he video. Thank you for checking out my post.