Will the new iPhone 5s debute in multiple colors?

Are their colorful clues in Apples Invite?





If your like me and are an Apple fanatic then you probably know that a new iPhone is just around the corner. Apple has already sent out their invites for a September 10th event that will be held at their campus in Cupertino, California. I am pretty sure the event will be about the new iPhone 5s I don’t know about the iPhone 5c (those crazy rumors) and probably other new things Apple has up their sleeves. If you have an Apple computer or a MAC laptop you can view the live event on Apples homepage, if you don’t have a MAC product and want to see the event live. I believe you can view the event by going to Apples homepage, or you can follow a live Twitter feed by following @PhoneDog or just go to www.Phonedog.com. If you are going to get the new iPhone and don’t want your old one, Apple has a buy back program for the following iPhones: iPhone 3s, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s and iPhone 5. For more detail on Apples buy back program click on the links below. But I am pretty sure you can get more money by selling your old phone on eBay if it’s still in good and working condition. If your going to buy the new iPhone let me know by commenting below, if you’re not still comment below.




I am not affilated with PhoneDog nor Apple, all opinions are of my own.


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