What Is Your Look?

Everyone has a go to look that they wear on a daily basis, which could be just your favorite color lipstick, lipstick and eyeliner, or a full made up face. For me my favorite look and style is vintage, I just think that the vintage look is classic, timeless, glamour, elegant and fierce. To me the Pin-Up look which some say was made famous by pin-up models back in the day with the sexy poses, the tight clothing and the pin-up sexy hair with the french roll and pompadour which is still in style today. The very first time I seen the pin-up make-up look was a picture of Marilyn Monroe, with the neutral tone eyeshadow, arched eye brows, black cat eyeliner and the all important red lipstick. You can’t go wrong with a vintage look. The vintage look is appropriate during the day, night, wedding, or graduation, you just can’t go wrong with the pin-up look. The word vintage just represents sophistication, someone who is sure of themselves, comfortable, confidant, calm, cool and collective. My favorite part about the look is the RED LIPSTICK. No matter if your light or dark I feel that anyone can wear any shade of red lipstick, red lipstick looks good on any skin tone. Something about red lipstick just screams power and sexiness all at the same time, when I am wearing red lipstick specifically MAC Ruby Woo I feel it brightens my face and enhances my look and of course we all know that red lipstick makes your teeth whiter. I have posted pictures below of vintage looks, just to show how the classic pin-up look can be worn.

photo 1

photo 3

photo 5

photo 4

photo 2

What is your look? Leave a comment below explaining your style and look.



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