I Decided to Go Natural!!

NATURAL!!!!! I decided to go natural because I liked the texture and the thickness of my new growth that was coming in. Also I was tired of getting perms, which was becoming time consuming and damaging my hair (notice that I said my hair). I have been without a perm for 7 months, and I am loving it. I have been reading about natural hair care and the typing system. Honestly I don’t pay attention or care about the typing system due to the fact it reminds me of the good hair versus the bad hair (IT GOES BACK TO CHILDHOOD MEMORIES), but I do pay attention to hair care and learning about products that best suit my hair needs. I am not going to recomnend products, because I still use the same products before I decided to go natural and I am new to the process. The best part that I am discovering about going natural, is learning how to do two strand twist and twist outs, braid outs, flat twist and many more protection styles. By learning these styles I will not have to go to a natural hair salon, and spend money for someone else to do my hair. But don’t get it twisted I will visit a salon only for hair styles I know I absolutley cannot do at all. Let me be clear and say this I have nothing against relaxers, nor am I trying to convince anyone to go natural. I am just doing me, what is right for me and what I like. This is my learning process and no one else’s. I am open to advice about natural hair, and reading and learning about natural hair care. With that said I invite you to take part in my natural hair journey.

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