Melody Ehsani

Melody Ehsani is the creator of the most original and out of the box earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, pins, shoes and you can custom design your items as well.  I found Melody Ehsani website by watching a Youtube video, I checked out her creations and I yelled, “finally there is someone who is not afraid to take chances.” (Or something like that, I don’t exactly remember what I said, but I was really happy to find earrings and other accessories that I like.)

What I really love about these earrings that there big, there bold and different, and I love big, bold and different earrings. These earrings are very uniquely designed and created by someone who not afraid to color outside the lines while being original.

In His Matrix Earrings


Fatima Earrings


Crane Earrings
What I love about Melody Ehsani earrings they stand out and are not your typical earrings that you see at any stores. When shopping for earrings I look for earrings that are durable and created to last for a long time, most earrings that I buy usually break in 2 days. These earrings are made out of acrylic cut out so these earrings are pretty dang strong and will last for a long time. What I love about these earrings is the design patterns which brings character and personality to these earrings, especially the Golden Crane Earrings. 
The Golden Crane Earrings are my favorite and the most dramatic pair of earrings and futuristic earrings I have ever purchased. I really love the Japanese writing that is etched on the earrings, and the mirrored acrylic finish gives it a great glamorized touch. These earrings will give you a lot of attention due to the mirrored acrylic finish, so light will reflect off your earrings. You will still get the bling without having the bling which I like. These earrings can help you dress up an outfit when going out during the day or night. I recommend for everyone to get these earrings there a must have!!!
The In His Matrix Earrings is a must have for all those who like big round earrings. I remember seeing these earrings on some TV show, and I went crazy looking for these earrings. I realized that almost everyone had there version of these earrings, but the quality was not great. When I came across Melody Ehsani website and saw these earrings, I immediately placed my order in for these earrings. The quality of the earrings is what caught my attention, and the small golden hand that is designed nicely gives these earrings a nice touch. The In His Matrix Earrings also comes in different colors, comes in mirror silver and gold, turquoise, pink and black. So it is safe to say I will be ordering another pair in a different color. 
The Fatima Earrings which are almost like the In His Matrix Earrings but without the little golden hand. The Fatima Earrings are more of a oval shape and the pattern design are different, when you take a closer look at the pattern design it forms an X. These earrings also come in the same colors just like the In His Matrix Earrings, and has the same acrylic finish as well.
The earrings are big but they don’t pull and tug on your ears and are surprisingly light. The earrings are packaged in a light color blush pink box that has bubble wrap, and a block styrofoam placed inside the box, to protect your earrings during shipment. The box is place inside a pink drawstring pouch bag, with Christmas just around the corner, these earrings can be a good gift for anyone. I hope you like the earrings if you want to order your own pair of earrings, just click on Melody Ehsani name at the beginning of the blog and it will take you directly to her website. With that said thank you for checking out my blog, and see you at the next blog.!!

If you will like to follow Melody Ehsani you can follow her at Twitter @MelodyEhsani or at her Facebook page.

*Items were paid for and purchased by me, I am not affiliated with Melody Ehsani and all opinions about items are my own.


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