Mad As A Hatter (Johnny Depp Version)

This is another Fall 2012 series look. As you gals and guys know that I like color, I feel that when  doing your fall look you can still have color in your look. So my inspiration of this look came from Hatter himself. I was watching Alice in Wonderland and my favorite character is Hatter played by Johnny Depp. Johnny Depp Hatter was so awesome and that dance towards the end, of the movie cracks me every time I watch Alice in Wonderland. Even though Johnny Depp dancing was computer enhanced, it is still funny. The colors that I used are not exactly the same colors that were used on Johnny Depp. It was the type of colors and combinations that inspired me to come up with todays look, that I feel Mad Hatter himself would use (if he did his own makeup lol).  So with that said thank you for checking out my blog, and see you at my next blog.

The Inspiration
My Interpretation 
Products and Tools Used:
Wet N Wild Trio Palette Cool As Cucumber purplish shade (crease).
Loreal Paris HIP Duo: Riotous #328 I used the lighter green shade in my outer corner of my lid, and dark green shade in my outer corner.
L.A. Colors: Wildflowers Palette I used  the dark red shade in my crease.
MAC: Paint Pod Orcher as my base to bring out the color more.
MAC: Black Tied in my crease
MAC: Paradisco as my highlight
Wet N Wild Mega Creme Liner #886
Ardel Lashes #109.
Maybelline Masacara.
MAC: Undercurrent as my eyeliner.
*All products used were purchased and paid for by me.

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