Ball Drop

So I hope everyone is having a HAPPY NEW YEAR and had a great CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY as well. So what did everyone do for the New Year? Whatever you did I hope it was fun and safe. As for me I just relaxed at home and watch a lot of TV, but now it is time to get things going gain. I have been applying for  jobs like crazy while relaxing at home. I hope my iPhone starts ringing like crazy because I am sick and tired of working in retail, it is time for me to find a job related to my degree!!! But while relaxing I created a look I wanted to post on my blog on December 31st, but I got caught up watching the ball drop on TV and talking with my mom and brother. But this look was inspired by all the confetti that I saw on TV and the ball dropping in Time Square New York I hope everyone likes it. Once again Happy New Year!!

Products used:
MAC: Arena e/s (highlight)
MAC: Black Grease Stick (place on outer and inner corner on the eyelid)
MAC: Blue Flame e/s (place on top of the black grease stick on inner an outer corner on the eyelid and bottom lid)
MAC: Electra e/s (center of eyelid and bottom lid)
Maybelline Gel liner 
Maybelline Mascara in Glam Black
MAC: Eye Khol Smolder e/l
Tools Used:
Elf “C” Brush
MAC #212
MAC #224
MAC #227
All products used were paid for by me.

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