Style Curve

This retro 80’s pinkish purplish color lipstick is called Style Curve by MAC. It is very vibrant lipstick that will look good on any shade and with any look that you want to come up with. Style Curve is a cream sheen that glides on easy and it takes a couple of layers to get full coverage on your lips. Like I said before Style Curve is a cream sheen meaning it won’t dry or crack on your lips, but I still put a lip balm on my lips before applying Style Curve so the color will last longer on my lips. Like in my first lipstick post review when wearing lipstick you should have a matching lip liner pencil, or close to the color of lipstick you decide to wear. For Style Curve I used Magenta by MAC which gives definition to your lips and makes the color appear darker, for those who don’t like there lips to be to bright. Now I don’t know if MAC is still carrying Style Curve in their stores or online, but you can find any fuchsia or magenta color lipstick from any brand that will give the same affect. So what do you think of Style Curve? Rate and leave a comment.


2 thoughts on “Style Curve

  1. Aww I miss blogging, I will be back soon just love the new look on your page.. And this color is stunning love the previous looks as well.. Just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving.

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