Metallic Voltage for Your Lips.

So besides just doing different eyeshadow looks, I wanted to start posting different lipsticks and doing some what of a review about different lipstick brands and colors. I personally prefer wearing lip gloss instead of lipstick, because I feel that lipstick makes my lips look even bigger. I am starting to build confidence in myself to wear lipstick, with that said I hope you like my review.

Kat Von D Beranice is a beautiful red lipstick color and it looks really good on any shade and especially women of color, trust me I tried it and I love it!!! I purchased my 0.11 oz. bottle at Sephora for $18.00, what I like about this lipstick that it’s bright with a metallic finish and it makes your lips deliciously juicy and it shines. My only problem that I had with this lipstick was that I had to put 3 layers on to get full coverage, but besides that Beranice is my favorite lipstick by Kat Von D. Beranice is a very good lipstick choice when doing a classic look like a pinup look or any other classic look. This lipstick does have some what of a matte in its finish, which after prolong wear can dry out. So you will want to put on a layer of lip balm before applying Beranice on your lips to prevent any cracking or drying from happening. Remember when wearing lipstick it is good to have some what of a matching lip liner, If you decide to wear Beranice you might want to use MAC lip liner in Burgundy or any lip liner of you choice. So what do you think of Beranice by Kat Von D? Do you give this lipstick 1 or 5 stars? Rate and comment!!


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